About Lunchd

Hi my name is Melissa and welcome to Lunchd!

I live in a small country town and have two wonderful kids aged 8 and 6.

I have a passion for sending fun and exciting lunches to school for my kids.

Over the years I have found good quality, airtight lunchboxes that keep lunches fresh for days and found myself recommending them to other mums.

I started this business in 2020 in an attempt to encourage other mums to get more creative with their lunches and snacks and use less prepackaged foods.

When starting this business it was my aim to only sell products that I have tried and loved so I know you will love them too. I have a lot of experience with these products so please contact me with any questions you may have!


We'd really love to hear from you. Have a question for us? Perhaps about an order, a product, or what you should name your pet goldfish?… anything we can help with!

Don’t be shy - we promise we are very kind.

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